"I can't tell if you're completely sober or just downed an entire bottle of adderall, and i'm not sure which one is worse" -Pat

"ezzy ilu and i know it's ur job to be endearingly annoying sometimes but it is 11:19 PM and i am gonna hopefully fall asleep sooner than later so plz stop high impact moonruneing me tysm" -Lilly

"It was around the time that I realized I was watching a mental breakdown in real times. That, or someone who just stepped into the danger zone." -CeresFallen

"ezra i just realized ur such a feral bitch that there are four ENTire dumbasses inside of u" -char

"ezra is the female schizopilled tranny version of Rick Sanchez" -Ryx

"i think about everyone i know who is rediculously smart and has no common sense at the same time and then i realize its autism. my twin brother? autism. you? autism. oprah voice you all have autism" -Lilly

"ur desk looks like a bomb workshop in Afghanistan" -Nat

"actually a coin has one side because it is topologically isomorphic to a sphere" -unknown youtube commenter

"are you ok" -two different people in the first 24 hours in IRC

"everybody out of the god damn way. i got a lab full of cats, a skirt full of scamper, and a head full of vodka." -Roxy Lalonde

"lol what if i just,, didn't sleep" -Ezra (when asked about her special interest)

"Why? because i love getting my grubby little paws into places they have no reason to be." -Ezra

"It's easy, just take estrogen and antidepressants." -Ezra

"Is cancer sexually transmittable?" -Ezra