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elysia's drawings


our drawings reference violence and negative (sometimes destructive) mental health a lot! several overtly have blood in them, and some have weapons.

we believe in you! if these sound potentially upsetting for you, we hope you're able to listen to your feelings and take care of yourself ❤️ we believe in you.


we'lldoour best

drawing is like pretty pictures (which includes photography and graphic design! they're all part of similar special interest(s)😊). the main background image on our website uses some pixel drawings, and so does our special interest icons.

we like drawing a lot, it gives us a lot to do and can be very expressive! it can also be frusterating for us when we don't get what we want.

our favourite way to draw is to feel like drawing and then draw :)

want different background image for this page, containers for each drawing, and to align them to the left and right of the body portion of the text.

we'd also like a way to expand these images on site, or to optimise their size for different screen sizes.

want to change css for figcaptions for drawings on this page so they have different styling from body text.

we''re awesome


currently, this page only includes discrete drawings that we wanted to share. discrete means "whatever we wanted!"!!

it is also ordered in creation date. we use maple and durian to draw usually, and kitten system when doing graphic design and pixel art, or when maple/durian are inaccessible.


lineart of a cartoon character in a flowey dress, hibiscus, and medium hair. they have a spike through their torso, and are bleeding a lot. They are layng on a real life picture of train's cab car's roof, and appear to be sliding off.
background image copyright Dan Dell'Unto, and used with permission.
Original, uploaded to

they are sliding off of the pretty train, being kept on by a spike. dress. the train is slanted, so the spike is working against gravity.


fem lineart cartoon character with rough hair kneeling. They have a calm, uncaring expression, and are holding a knife proudly in their right hand. Their mouth appears to be dripping something.
Background image "Wiki NGS Unix Two" by VS after Tim Massingham, used under CC BY 3.0, and modified to be higher contrast, lower saturation, and brighter.

this is one of our favourite drawings. cadence gave us idea for leggies posing (on accident).


lineart cartoon character laying sideways, in a relaxed and low energy position. Their thighs are bleeding profusely, and they are laying on a real life photograph of a large arterial road, surrounded by tall buildings, including one called 'Le Vibe'
this image was made imediately before and after cutting our thighs, while we were bedridden due to extreme fatigue from sleep depirvation, starvation, and being parched.

we wanted to draw it specifically because of those! originally, we wanted to draw it to give something for us to do that wasn't cutting! we don't feel bad at all for still cutting! we don't need to feel bad at all for doing our best 😊 we did our best to avoid cutting and are not upset that we weren't able to avoid it. ❤️

we'd like to redraw the head and neck and face to be more softer and friendlier, like our other drawings! currently, it feels far too stiff and intimidating(?)

we also feel some interest in redrawing left arm, but we're a lot less interested in it. we'd like to make it more anatomic, and we don't find much interest in redrawing because it isn't a part of the drawing we look at our that is important to us, in contrast to how the head is for us.


little girl cartoon drawing with a sweet dress and cute hair overlayed on top of real life photo of a cat looking at rail tracks.
cat watching the train.

we made this drawing in a software called mypaint, on durian. it is cute. we really like it.

we want to make a blogpost about mypaint and our thoughts. previous drawings were on maple with hostile software that didnt have brush or layer settings. maple is comfier size than durian, durian with mypaint is still much easier and contstructive to draw on!

cutie cadence coloured them in! they have a really pretty world :)

we think it is extremely cool and makes us happy that it is both of our art :) it so fucking cool and happy! happy to share this with them !!!!!

little world - cadencelysia

coloured in version of the previous image. the little girl is in a red dress and black short shorts, and is in front of a explosion of colour.


chaotic image featuring several cartoon drawings. The largest and most colourful drawwing is a handgun connected to catenary with a pantograph. The most detailed drawing is fem presenting character looking out of the window on a train, with a conflicted expression, and is wearing a baggy skirt and tummy top. Immediately above the is drawing of a disembodied head captioned 'Kitty', which is significantly less detailed. kitty is made up of messy and straight black hair with cat ears at the side. their expression is satisfaction. they are blushing. to kitties right is a red train that has a similar shape to the large handgun, and also using a pantograph. it is captioned 'tram' in fancy letters.
trains électriques alimentés par caténaire, avec d'aides de les pankographes.