strxwberry cat 🌸

we love cats.

this has been a near constant of our lives. we have always loved cats, for almost as far back as we can remember (or as i like to say, the beginning of the time and the universe).
we wanted to be a cat, as well. we can't remember what we thought about being a cat, just that we wanted to be a cat.
today, being a cat is something some system members have incorporated into their gender, and is really important to them ❤️

awesome cat facts with elysia


  • have tails
  • can purr and meow
  • are excellent listeners
  • like walking and laying on soft things
  • love us very much
  • have very pretty fur
  • have sharp claws and fangs that can destroy anything~!

we have a cat allergy

we are allergic to the fur haired cats carry on their body. this means that a well intentioned kitty coming to rub against us will cause our body a little bit of distress! it makes our eyes feel itchy and water, and sneeze a lot.

we realised this when we were concerned that we were ill when staying with a friend. We didn't want to make them or them family sick! after some thought, we realised that, we don't feel sick, and we don't always have sneezing or itchy eyes. we considered what may be causing this, and realised it had to be the cats! it always happened around cats historically, and, only when we were inside the apartment, where our friend's cats lived.

We wish someone told us what a cat allergy was, we didn't know the fur was what caused them, just assumed they didn't apply to us.

our friends

the rest of this page is dedicated to sharing pictures of some of the cat friends we've made, including some images, and descriptions!


This is panko, a happy orange cat that eats a lot.
Panko loves us! they regularly sleep with us and walk on us and come to cuddle with us. When we're moving around, they come to see us less, and sometimes try to stay away. We think our sounds and movements may be triggering for them, so we try to be calm and predictable for them :)

orange tabby cat laying on blue bedsheets, and leaning onto a rainbow blanket. They are laying parallel to a plush toy, and looking curiously at the camera.


Pi is a friend of panko. Pi likes to play and is a lot more energetic than panko! We don't play much, so we spend less time pi.

white calico cat standing on a patterned wood floor. Their tail is up and slightly curled, and their heead is tilted towards a trans flag being suspended next to them, investigating


We met molly outside on a walk one day, and ever since, we see them regularly.
Molly likes going on adventures near their home, especially if they get to go with us! One time, they climbed out of a steep escarpment for a frozen river, just because they noticed we were walking by! We want to meet the people who house molly, and see if we could spend time to play with them sometime.

Anecdotally, molly hates capitalism.

brown tabby cat standing confidently on a clear and dry asphalt strip, in the middle of an otherwise snow covered landscape.


this is creeper! the are very friendly gatekeeper (fire emblem) to a cosy neighbourhood. they guard their house's front vigilantly, waitiing patiently for a friend to come by so they can say hi! creeper loves you.

a black cat facing towards a wide angle lense on the pavement in a residential neighbourhood. they look like they are marching.